Access New SellerCloud User Interface

Updated 1 year ago

SellerCloud has released a new user interface, "Delta". This can be accessed along with the original interface, "Alpha".

standard Alpha URL: Server

standard Delta URL: Server

To report a bug in the new interface, please follow these directions.

To get your login to Delta, please go to and enter your team name, followed by username and password. If you are a Skustack user, you should use your team name already set. 

If you do not have a team name,
 please click on the "Don't have a team name?" link. On this page, enter your current server ID, username, and password. For example, if your SellerCloud URL is usually, the 'tt' is your server ID.

It will ask you to set up a team name, which will be shared across your company. Only users with Client Admin access will be permitted to set a team name.

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