Accessing Delta

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The URL to access SellerCloud's Delta interface is similar to Alpha, but uses "delta" instead of "cwa":

  • Delta URL - Server (for example,
  • Alpha URL - Server (for example,
If you find an issue in in Delta, you can report it by following these directions.

Logging into Delta

Please read this first!
Unless you are a Client Admin, your user permissions for Alpha will not automatically transfer to Delta. You will be unable to log into Delta until an Admin on your SellerCloud account sets you up as a user in Delta.

There are 2 ways to log into Delta:

  • Your direct server URL
  • Delta login page
Use your direct server URL

Using "server" does not require a team name since it is pre-populated:

Use the Delta login page

Using the Delta login page requires a team name to direct you to the correct server.

If you do not know your team name, or if your company does not have a team name yet, see your SellerCloud Client Admin. He/she has the permissions that are required to create your company's team name.
  1. Open
  2. Enter your team name, followed by your username and password.
    1. If you are an existing Skustack user, use your team name that was already set. 

Creating a company team name

Only users with the Client Admin role have permission to add a team name, as described below.

Your company's team name is used to automatically direct users to the correct server when logging into Delta. The team name will be shared across the company.

  1. Click the Don't have a team name? link.

  2. Enter your current server ID, username, and password on the next page. For example, if your SellerCloud Delta URL is, the 'tt' is your server ID.

  1. You will be prompted to set up a team name.

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