Manage Inventory Page

Updated 2 years ago

On the Manage Inventory page you can view a snapshot of products properties. There are a number of columns which can be controlled to display or hide through client settings.
Multiple actions can also be performed to multiple items. Select product from the grid, open the "Select Action Menu", locate the action and press GO.


Channels which are enabled in their setting pages will display as icons in the row. Clicking on the icon will open the properties page of that channel. Hovering over the icon will display listing information about the product.
  • If the product is live on the channel the icon will display in full color. The Amazon icon will display in black. For many channels there will also be another icon link to the listing.
  • If the product is not enabled or live, the icon will be grayed out. The Amazon icon will display in red when not enabled, and grayed out when enabled but not in active listings. 
  • Matrix, Shadow, and Kits relationships will display as icons on the right of the grid.
Color Coding
  • If item is disabled the back color will be LightGray.
  • If item is discontinued the back color will be Pink.

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