Amazon Unified Marketplace Accounts

Amazon has unified its European marketplaces  - Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy, and Amazon Spain - enabling sellers to manage listings and orders from one portal. While  inventory is shared across all marketplaces, creating offers in the first European marketplace does not automatically populate offers in the other European marketplaces; you will need to create offers in each of the marketplaces where you want them. 
There is a similar unification for North America - Amazon US, Mexico, Canada. 

Configuring SellerCloud with Amazon Unified Accounts

  1. Create a company and connect it to your primary European account. Read more here.
  2. Orders from all accounts will download under the single company.
  3. The currency will be set according the the order's originating country. Like all international orders, the P&L tab will display the foreign currency and its conversion into US dollars. The daily base rate is used.
  4. Inventory will upload to the primary account. From there it will be shared across all unified marketplaces. You do not need to create shadows for unified accounts.

Amazon Unified Marketplaces for FBA

For EU Unified accounts, Amazon offers 3 international fulfillment programs: European Fulfillment Network (EFN), Pan-European FBA, and Multi-Country Inventory (MCI). 
  • EFN - Inventory is stored in an Amazon fulfillment center under a single local marketplace account. Amazon will fulfill orders from any other Amazon European marketplace by shipping cross-border from the location at which your products are stored. For example, when a customer in Germany purchases your product on, the product is fulfilled by Amazon UK FBA and shipped from your inventory pool in the U.K. You will be charged Cross border fees.
  • PAN-EU - Similar to EFN, Inventory is stored at an Amazon fulfillment center in one country, for example UK. However, you list the products on all five European marketplaces. Amazon wil ship the items to anywhere in Europe. Cross borders fees will not be applied.
  • MCI - Inventory is stored throughout Europe. Orders are fulfilled from the location closest to the Ship To address, which reduces fulfillment time. 
If connecting a unified account under more than one company either US and CA or UK, DE, FR, etc.., the following 2 settings needs to be enabled to get the correct FBA inventory levels and active listing reports.
  •              Enable Multiple Amazon Marketplaces
  •              Enable Single Europe FBA Marketplaces Inventory Report
Read more about FBA for cross-border fulfillment in Europe here.

SellerCloud can support either option. when creating an FBA inbound shipment, you can select the "Ship To Country" regardless of where the "Ship From Country" is located. 
On the FBA Inbound Shipment, select Edit from the action menu. Then change the "Ship To" country to the country of your choice.

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