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SellerCloud has outgoing email capabilities which enable generating emails to customers such as feedback requests and shipping notifications. Email templates can be constructed to populate automatically with customer information using placeholders, and rules can be set up to determine when emails will or will not be sent. 

Please note: By default, Order Welcome emails will only be sent for eBay or Local/Website orders. This is because a number of channels, including Amazon, Buy.com, and Newegg, restrict certain content on emails to customers, mainly content that can be seen as solicitation of business outside of the channel. This includes having your web address anywhere in the email, even as part of the signature. However, order welcomes can be sent to all channels by enabling the client setting Send Order Welcome Email for all channels. Then, you can control each channel individually by blacklisting emails to specified domains.

Emails can also be sent manually to customers from the order detail page. Open the Action Menu and click "Send Email". You can use the Show or hide Orders list to display or hide the order. Now enter a message or select an email template from the template drop down. You can also add any attachment to the email, like a coupon for future orders. 
To send emails to multiple customers, like to direct purchasers of a specific item to download a manual from a link you include in the email body, select those orders from the Manage Orders page. Then click "Send Email" from the Action Menu. Complete a single email and click "Send", and an email will be generated for each order selected. 

Configuration for outgoing emails is done under the Email Settings tab on the Settings tab.  

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