Import Walmart Marketplace Attributes

Walmart Marketplace requires different attributes to be set on the products depending on their category.

Update a single product's attributes 

You can manually update Walmart Marketplace attributes from the product's Walmart Marketplace properties:

Note: The red X mark on the top will often appear if there are missing required attributes.
  1. Click on the Manage Attributes link.
  2. If the product has no Walmart parent and child categories set, you need to select these first. More information about the Walmart categories can be found here.
  3. The list of attributes will now be visible. Not all of them are required and they vary depending on the category.

Import Walmart Marketplace Attributes in Bulk

Products can be updated in bulk with Walmart attributes using a file import.

  1. Go to Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Walmart Marketplace Attributes.
  2. Download the template.
  3. Populate with Category Name and Attribute Name and Values. (Expected values are alphanumeric) The category field is required because attributes are category specific. More information about the Walmart categories can be found here.
  4. Import on this page. 

Walmart Attributes template headers

ProductID - the SKU of the product as shown in SellerCloud

WalmartAPIParentCategory - Walmart parent category

WalmartAPIChildCategory - Walmart child category

AttributeName - The name of the attribute (example : color, size, etc)

AttributeValue - The value corresponding to the AttributeName. (example: red,  Medium, etc.)

ParentNode - This is the category node which the attribute comes from. (ParentField on the Manage Attributes page).

If categories are already selected on the products, you can use the "Export Walmart Marketplace Attributes" option from the Action Menu on the Manage Inventory page to get a file with all the correct information so that all you need to fill in is the AttributeName column.

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