Importing Products from eBay Overview

SellerCloud can download your catalog directly off of eBay. You can have it download a specific product, or all of your active listings.

To download an individual listing go to Inventory->Add Product From eBay, but to download many listings at once follow the instructions below.

Go to Settings > Company Settings > Company Name > eBay Settings > Import eBay Listings
  1. Use the action Download Listings to bring your listings into a temporary table. 
    • SellerCloud uses the CustomLabel to identify unique products, and it will use that value for the SKU
    • Items with CustomLabels that have no matching sku in SellerCloud will be colored red. By default, the list will be filtered to exclude imported items (listings with custom labels that match ProductIDs in SellerCloud.)
  2. Select products and click Create Selected Products. 
  3. Products and their inventory quantities as listed on eBay will be created in SellerCloud.
Note: Listings must have Custom Labels before they can be downloaded. It is imperative to be sure that there are no duplicate custom labels. Otherwise, only one listing will download into SellerCloud. Furthermore, SellerCloud updates eBay listings based on the ProductID. Therefore, the duplicated listings will be updated based on the product info of the listing that downloaded into SellerCloud.

Read about downloading variation listings here.

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