Enable and Disable Products for eBay

Updated 3 years ago

There is a checkbox on each individual product's eBay Properties page to control whether that product should be active on eBay. SellerCloud won't let you post it on eBay until the "eBay enabled" field is checked. Products that are not enabled will be considered to have zero quantity with respect to the eBay inventory feeds.

Enable and Disable in Bulk

  • From the Manage Inventory Page - Inventory > Manage Inventory. Select a product or products, open the Action Menu and click Enable/Disable For Channel and Go. Then select eBay and choose to enable or disable. Press Continue
    • Alternatively, you can set the Manage Inventory page to eBay mode to manage bulk edits. Read more here.
  • With a file update - Use the column header eBay Enabled and set value to True. Read more about bulk updating with a file here.

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