Receiving an RMA (Return) in ReceiveBridge

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  1. Click on RMA tab.
  2. Click Scan RMA
  3. Enter RMA number in RMA field. RMA number is located on the return label generated by SellerCloud and emailed to customer. 
  4. Alternatively, Click Refresh List to populate grid with all open RMAs. Select the RMA you want to receive and click the "Scan RMA Return" button.
  5. Scan in UPC or SKU and enter returned quantity. Alternatively, a general setting - Allow user to populate all qtys at once - will display a "Populate all qty as received" button. Instead of entering quantity of each item individually, user will be able to mark all items in PO as received with a push of a button.
  6. Click Mark as Received. The quantity being returned will populate in the "Quantity Receive" column for review. When receiving the full quantity, the item row will color green. When receiving only part of the returning quantity, the row will color blue.
  7. Click Save Received data below the grid. The quantity to be received will now transfer to the Quantity Received column and the item quantity will update in SellerCloud.
  8. You can also add notes, or documents to an RMA which will be saved to the RMA in SellerCloud.
You can require the receiving department to scan the serial number of the returned unit to prevent fraud and identify vendor of unit. 
  1. Menu > Options > General Settings.
  2. Enable Require Serial Validation in RMAs. If the units serial number was scanned in before the order was shipped out, the receiver will be prompted to scan in the serial number while processing the return.
Receiving an RMA in ReceiveBridge will not set the RMA order status to "Complete". You can have the receiving department receive the return to a non-sellable warehouse, in order to not make the inventory available until processed by Customer Support. Customer Support can then manage the RMA in SellerCloud by filtering RMA searches for "Received"  RMA's with a non "Completed" order status. After examining the item, it's inventory can be transferred to the appropriate warehouse.

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