eBay Properties Page Overview

The eBay Properties page in the product profile contains all the product specific eBay settings. 
Defaults values can be set company-wide in Company Settings under eBay Attribute Defaults, but they can be overridden on a product level by using the action menu and selecting Manage Listing Overrides.
If a product does not have the proper eBay values and attributes, a red X will appear before actions can be completed. Hover over the X to reveal the error message. 
You can also preview, post, and revise listings for a product from this page. Read more about listing to eBay here.
Please Note: Shipping Weight and DIM fields are now required attributes to list to eBay (SellerCloud requirement, not eBay)

eBay Enabled

Check this box to allow for listing. When not enabled, existing eBay listings will be updated with a zero quantity.

Catalog Type

 Using the eBay catalog can be helpful in listing a product more easily. Read more about utilizing the eBay Catalog here.

Auction Start Price

The lowest price you're willing to sell your item when selling it in a Auction format. Bidding will start at this price.

Buy It Now

The price offered both in the fixed price format and as an option in the Auction format.
To map the eBay BIN price to the Site Price:

  1. Enable the client setting Enable Default Price for eBay.
  2. Enable client sub-setting Force Buy it now price to SitePrice when using Default Price for EBay.
  3. After enabling the main client setting there will be a new option on the eBay General Settings page Display Use default Site Price as eBay BIN Price
  4. Enabling that option will place a Use Default checkbox next to BIN Price on the eBay Properties page. The Use Default checkbox will be enabled by default. (If subsetting is not enabled, this option will be disable by default.)

Reserve Price

The lowest price that the seller is willing to accept for the item. If the submitted bids do not reach this price, all bids will be rejected.

Second Chance

When enabled, a message will be sent to bidders with an offer to buy the item at their last bid amount. It's up to the buyer to decide whether to accept the offer. This message will only be sent if there is available quantity of the product. Enabling this option will reveal a field to set the minimum acceptable bid amount to which the second chance offer will be sent. 

 Safety Quantity        
 A Safety Quantity helps reduce the risk of overselling by subtracting a number of units from the available quantity. For example, if there are 5 units available and the Safety Quantity is set to 1, only 4 will be sent to eBay.
Safety Quantity can be set on a company level so that it defaults for all products, but it can still be overridden on a product level at eBay Properties. At the company level, there are two settings, one for regular products and one for replenishable products. Typically Safety Quantity is set to "0" when replenishable since there is no strict inventory for replenishable products.

Fixed Price Listing Qty

Quantity displayed on eBay when listing in a fixed priced format.


When enabled, your listing on eBay will continually post with the quantity set in the Fixed Price Quantity regardless of actual available quantity.

Best Offer Enabled

Will allow you to receive an offer from a customer which you can accept or reject. eBay notifies the seller via email with an Accept or Reject button.

Accept Limit - Offer that is above this value will automatically be accepted.

Reject Limit - Offer that is below this value will automatically be rejected.

If there is no value (or a 0 value in both boxes) all offers will be available for review by seller.

Generate Fixed Price Listing

When enabled will allow a fixed price listing to be posted automatically, provided that there is available inventory and the product is ready. When the item comes back in stock, it will auto list.

Use Minimum Listing Duration

When checked will reveal a drop-down where you can select a duration time for your auction.

eBay category

Read eBay Categories for more information.


SellerCloud category condition which includes in it the condition as defined by eBay. Product conditions can be set under the settings tab. eBay conditions are category based. Click here to view eBay conditions.

Store Category

refers to the category under which your product is placed in your eBay store

Item Specifics

For some products, eBay requires more specific attribute information like the brand and model name. Click on the Item Specific tab and select the required attributes from the drop down menus. To enter information not included in the regular eBay item Specifics, click on the radio button Custom Specifics and fill in a specific name and value for each category. To update Custom Specifics in bulk, go to Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Product Specifics and download template.  Read more about required Product Identifiers here.

Custom Specifications

An HTML editor in which you can enter product-specific information.

Parts Compatibility

eBay Motors related that deals with fitments.

Use Shipping Rate Table

Shipping Rate Table in your Account Settings on eBay allows special shipping configuration by Item Cost, Surcharge, or Weight to Alaska and Hawaii, US Protectorates, and APO/AFO. When enabled, will ignore Shipping Price template set on product. Learn more about eBay Shipping Rate tables here.

Shipping Template

Read more about creating shipping templates.

Description Template

Read more about creating description templates

eBay Top Title

Title of Product displayed on eBay.

Product Description

You can change the long description by clicking on the "Change" link. This is placed here for convenience, because the long description is often referenced in the description template. Change the description and save.

Hit Counter Type

Several optional formats with which to display the count of visits on your listing.

Max Dispatch Time

defines how many days you have to ship an order.

Override Return Policy

Accessed from the action menu by selecting Manage Listing Overrides.When enabled, will reveal the buyer restrictions. Check desired restrictions and leave unchecked restrictions you wish to override.

 Buyer Restrictions When enabled, will limit sales of the item to buyers who meet criteria.
 Strikethrough Pricing When enabled, will allow you to configure a MAP display; MAP pricing is only sent when strikethrough pricing is enabled.
 The MAP feature is only available on the eBay US site. (Seller must be approved for eBay's Discount Pricing program)
  • Treatment
    • MAP -  The item price cannot be displayed directly on the page containing the item. When listing a MAP item, the seller stipulates how they want the buyer to view the price of the item by setting Exposure to either Pre-Checkout or During Checkout
    • STP - Show List Price (MSRP, not your eBay price) with strike-through in addition to eBay Price. If the eBay is lower than the MAP, the eBay price will not display.
  • Exposure - When to display MAP:
    • Pre-Check out -  the discounted MAP price is shown if the buyer clicks a link (or a button) on the View Item page to display the discounted MAP price in a pop-up window.
    • During Checkout - the discounted MAP price is shown as soon as the buyer commits to buy the product, but is not available before.
Enable for Out of Stock Listing Listing will remain posted without inventory. Read more here.
Enable Extended Holidays ReturnAutomatically give buyers until January 31 to return items purchased in November and December. 
 Inventory Available Qty Quantity currently available for eBay. Usually Fixed Quantity, but may depend on Available, Safety Qty, or Inventory Percent Qty.


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