FedEx Collect On Delivery

Updated 2 years ago

FedEx C.O.D. is a  service where FedEx Ground or International Ground will collect payment for you when the package is delivered. 

Request COD

  1. Right click on an order with a FedEx Ground shipping method selection. 
  2. Select Edit Order.
  3. Under the order details tab, press the FedEx Accessories button.
  4. Mark the order for Collect on Delivery and enter collection amount. The currency box defaults to USD for domestic orders, and to CAD for Canadian destinations.
  5. Save.
  6. To specify the payment type required upon delivery, locate the Cash on Delivery payment type setting in the FedEx tab. Select option:
    1. Any Payment type (Default) - cash, guaranteed funds, company/personal check, money order, cashier's check or certified funds.
    2. Cash
    3. Guaranteed Funds - for certified check, money order, or cashier check

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