Etsy Account Integration

Updated 3 months ago

To set up your Etsy account:

  1. Go to Company Settings > Toolbox  > Etsy General Settings.
  1. Copy and paste your Etsy Shop Name into the Shop Name field.
  2. Go to Action Menu > choose Fetch Token > Go.
  3. Press Click here to login to
  4. Upon login, Etsy provides an API confirmation code; copy and paste that code into the Confirmation Code field
  5. Click Confirm Account. After you save, it imports the API Key and API Secret Key.
  6. Update.
  7. Use these general settings as follows:
  • Enable Order Download and Enable Fulfillment Upload - Select these when ready to ship Etsy orders.

  • Enable Inventory Upload - Select this when your inventory is accurate for listings. You may want to set a default safety quantity.

    • Update inventory for Etsy enabled products only - Select this to send updates only for products that are Etsy Enabled in their Etsy Properties. (If an item is not Etsy Enabled at the product level, it may still be included in the updates but with a quantity of zero.)

  • Enable Price Upload - Select this to automatically update product pricing. Leave unchecked if you only want to send price when posting items or when manually updating it.
If you are using Etsy shop sections to organize your items and want these sections available in each product's Etsy Properties' Shop Section dropdown field, click Action Menu > Download Shop Sections > Go.


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