Wish Account Integration

SellerCloud communicates with Wish via API for product posting, product updating and order download.
  1. Log on to https://merchant.wish.com/ and sign up.
  2. Open the Account drop down menu at the top right and select Settings.
  3. Open the API Key tab on the left menu.
  4. Create an APP. Enter SellerCloud as the app name. The url should be your sellercloud url -  https://__.cwa.sellercloud.com/WishOpenAuth.aspx. Replace the underscore with your server ID.
  5. Open SellerCloud and navigate Company Settings > Toolbox > Wish.
  6. Check the Wish Enabled checkbox. 
  7. Check Enable Open authentication.
  8. Copy and paste the url found right below the "Redirect URL field into the Redirect URL field. Example - https://__.cwa.sellercloud.com/WishOpenAuth.aspx. Replace the underscore with your server ID.
  9. Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret from Wish.
  10. Save.
  11. Fetch the token from the action menu. 
  12. Enable order download, tracking export and inventory upload when you are ready to go live with the channel
Please note that shipping and payment settings are configured at the account level on the Wish merchant portal.

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