Amazon Properties Overview

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The Amazon Properties page is used to manage all of the Amazon related attributes of a product.

Amazon Enabled

Products that are not enabled will be considered, for Amazon, to have a qty of zero. Read how to enable products for Amazon in bulk here.  

Merchant SKU 

Defaults to product ID but can be edited to another ID in case of SKU mismatch.


An identifier used by Amazon fulfillment centers to identify each unique product. This is the identifier that is printed on product-level labels and this is how Amazon  identifies every unit you ship. Click here for more information.


Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are unique blocks of 10 characters used to identify listings.

Fulfilled by

Defines who ships the product: Merchant or Amazon through FBA. Click here for more information. 

Label Formats

Labels for FBA items. Individual unit and case labels.   

Amazon Safety Quantity 

Reserves from available quantity. Click here for more information.

Amazon Available Quantity

Quantity currently available for Amazon. Usually aggregate quantity, but may depend on Max Qty, Fixed quantity, Safety Qty, or Inventory Percent Qty.

Enable Max Inventory

Set maximum quantity to be allowed on Amazon. Click here for more information.


 Enabling will display value that is set in the Amazon Fixed Quantity. 

Amazon Fixed Quantity

Quantity set on Amazon regardless of availability. Click here for more information.

Lead Time to Ship

Enter value here to allow more time for shipping. Click here for more information.

Enable Release Date  

Enabling this option will allow you to select a start selling date on Amazon. The listing will display with a pre-order option. This option is used when posting the  product for the first time. See the Restock Date option below for existing listings. 

Package Quantity

The number of the same product contained within one package. For example, if you are selling a case of 5 packages of pens, the Package Quantity would be 5.

No. of Items

The number of distinct items included in the product you are offering for sale as one product. For example, if you are selling a case of 5 packages of pens, and each  package contains 12 pens, the Number Of Items would be 60.

Max Order Qty

Indicates the maximum number of these same items that can be shipped together in the same package. 

Restock Date/Enable Restock Date 

Visible when client setting Enable Re-Stock Date for Products is enabled. Will allow for back orders for items that are out of stock. Product must have zero quantity. 

Allow Gift Wrap

Allows a customer to select gift wrap for this specific product. The gift wrap types available are set on a company level from Seller Central.

Allow Gift Message

Allows the customer to select a gift message for this particular product.

Amazon Condition and Note

Condition required for listing on Amazon. (note not required) Read about mapping the condition note to a condition here.

Amazon Title

Title of product as it appears on Amazon.

Map Price

Minimum advertised pricing - the lowest price allowed by distributors. 


Checking this box will set the sales price on all channels to the MAP. The MAP will be reflected in the price feed as the MAP and as the Price.

Enable Price Update

Will allow a price update through the Action Menu.

Amazon Price

Price of product as listed on Amazon. Read about Amazon Business Pricing here.

Amazon Special Price

Enter the price that Amazon will show as the discounted price for a promotion during the selected time period.

You must enter start and end dates to save this field value.

Special Price Start Date

Select the date to start the discounted price.

Special Price To Date

Select the date to stop the discounted price.

Pricing Rule


Stop Loss Pricing

When using third party repricing feeds, quantity set here will be the lowest the price can fall.

Commission %

 Percentage of commission deducted by Amazon.

Include in CM Feed

 Checking this box will include this product in the ChannelMax repricing.

Tax Code

Check the available options in this article.

Fulfillment Center

 When stored at FBA.

Package Size

 Package size as it relates to Amazon's Product Size Tiers. Read more here.

Enable Ship Override

Enables Amazon Shipping Template as price charged to customer for shipping.

Shipping Template

Amazon Shipping Template.

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