Managing Channel Payments

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The Manage Channel Payments page lets you:

  • See all channel payments added/applied to channel invoices
  • Search for specific channel payments using the provided filters
  • Click each channel Payment ID to open its Payment Details (to see payment history and/or apply it to channel invoices)

To access this page, click Customers Channel Customers Manage Channel Payments.

Take a look at a sample list of channel payments:

The table below describes each of these filters, and the sortable grid columns with your filtered search results:




Find channel payments for a specific company.


Find channel payments from a specific channel customer.

Only channels that are enabled for the selected company will appear in this list; however, Local Store and Wholesale always appear for a selected company because you can have orders for those channels without enabling them in Sellercloud.

Date From and To

Find channel payments by a specific range of dates when the payment was added to Sellercloud.

Payment Method

Find channel payments by specific payment type.

Reference #

Find a single channel payment by its reference number (this is the optional reference to the payment method; for example, check number if paid by check, etc.).


Find a channel payment by a specific payment amount.



Payment ID

Auto-created number for the channel payment.

Payment Date

Date the channel payment was added to Sellercloud.

Payment Method

Type of channel payment.

Reference #

Channel payment reference number.


Payment amount added.

Open Balance

The channel payment's amount that is currently available to apply to open invoices.

Note: When showing channel payments from Groupon, this is the open balance calculation:

Payment Amount - (Total Paid - Total Chargebacks)

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