Import Vendor SKU/Prices

Updated 1 year ago

Go to Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Vendor SKU/Prices.

You can add Vendor SKUs and Vendor Prices to a particular product in bulk using the VendorSKU.txt template. (Purchase orders created with that vendor selected will auto-populate their Unit Cost field with the vendor price.) The file can also be created in Excel and saved as a .txt file.

Template columns are:

  • Product ID - product SKU used by SellerCloud as the unique identifier for the item
  • Vendor - Use the vendor name
  • Vendor SKU - SKU the vendor wants people to use when submitting purchase orders
  • Vendor Price - price the vendor charges you for the product
  • Is Default Vendor For Product - if there are multiple vendors for a particular product, one can be associated as the main vendor (valid values: True, False)
  • Is Available - states if the product is available from the vendor (valid values: True, False)
You can export this information and template with the Product ID and other data populated to match what is entered in SellerCloud by selecting the items in the Manage Inventory page and selecting Action > Export Vendor SKU.
To set up the default vendor on an item, see the Default Vendor topic.


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