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Note: SellerCloud still references ATG Stores, which was acquired by Lowe's in 2011., also known as The Mine, is a website that focuses on residential and commercial furnishings, and maintains a catalog of more than 3 million products in 16 categories.

ATG Stores Account Integration

After establishing contact with an ATG Integration representative and gaining access to their seller portal, SellerCloud Support will help you integrate your SellerCloud account with ATG Stores for automatic inventory updates and order downloads. You must complete the ATG EDI Sign Up form, attached to this page, and forward it to your rep at ATG. Use the information below to guide you with filling out the form:

  • Method of transmission - VAN. The VAN will be set up for you by SellerCloud Support.
  • ISA Identifier - Enter your company phone number. Type - ZZ.
  • For EDI Purchase Orders, your company requires - Vendor part number.
  • Documents Traded - Check all documents.
  • FTP - Provided by SellerCloud Support.
  • FTP Password  - Provided by SellerCloud Support. Password should have FADA added.

ATG Stores Shipping Method Mapping

Company Settings > ATG Settings > Shipping Method Mapping.

As with many channels, the shipping options that are offered to the customer on the website should be mapped to a specific carrier and shipping method. For example, the ATG Method Name "UPS Ground #442E1W" should be mapped to the SellerCloud shipping option "UPS Ground.

Similarly, a unique shipping option such as "Sameday WW Bronze #109298" can be be mapped to any service which will accomplish that shipping option.This optimizes the shipping process, because the orders will now come into shipping with a defined carrier and method. If the option is not mapped, the method will import as "Standard."


You can add Order Handling Fee on the ATGStores General settings page. It can also be set to be per item instead of per order.

You can also add Order Discount % that will apply for all orders on this channel.


The Mine - Partner EDI Information Form 2017.docx

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