P&L Summary Report

This is a standard report sums all orders and shows profit and loss ($ value). Only orders that have been shipped or paid are included in the Profit and Loss report. The dates used refer to the Ship Date.  
Please Note: These reports calculate the P&L of refunds etc to the ship date. To see P&L based on when the payment or refund occurred, use the Transaction Reports.
You can summarize by Channel, Company, Manufacturer, or Vendor.
  • Read how Item Cost is calculated here. The item cost in the reports is based on the cost of the item at the time of the order, and the method which was used to calculate the cost (Average, Last, or Site).
  • Read how P&L is calculated and tracked on an order here
  • If the item cost on an order gets changed manually, the reports will recalculate the order cost. A service will do this recalculation automatically.

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