Search and View Inventory Overview

Updated 1 year ago

View inventory by clicking the Inventory tab, and either click the Search button to show all inventory or use filters to obtain your search results.

Use the Advanced Search tab to search by numerous other variables.

To search multiple SKUs in bulk, follow these instructions. 

Using wildcards

You can use a wildcard when you want to search for specific symbols that are placed anywhere in the ProductID (SKU):

  • Enable the wildcard checkbox
  • To search for SKUs with a set of characters anywhere in the SKU, put percent signs before and after; e.g., searching %AB% will show "AB-123" and "12AB3" and "123-AB"
  • To search for SKUs that start with specific characters, put percent sign after; e.g., AB%- will show only "AB-123"
  • To search for SKUs ending in specific characters, put percent sign before, e.g., %AB will show only "123-AB"
  • In general, use % as placeholders for unknown characters, like AB%H% to search SKUs with prefix AB and H anywhere in the SKU

Other search options

You can also choose to search by UPC or VendorSKU in bulk by following the directions above: Just choose the correct search type from the "Search Using" dropdown under the multi-line textbox. 

If a product has an alias, you can enter that alias in the UPC field to search for the SKU with that alias.

Save an inventory search for future use by selecting Save Search from the Action menu after selecting filters or after selecting and searching. 

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