Search and View Inventory Overview

Inventory can be viewed by clicking on the Inventory  tab. Click the Search button to display all inventory. You can filter your search results as well. Click on the Advanced Search tab to filter a search by many more variables.

To search multiple SKUs in bulk, click on the blue "SKU" link on the left side of the filters. A new page will open. Locate and click "Show/Hide textbox to paste SKU list". A multi-line textbox will display, where you can enter multiple ProductIDs (SKUs). Each ProductID must be on it's own line. Max SKUs to search with text box is 1000. 
  1. Copy and paste SKUs.
  2. Press Search. The products will load into a grid.
  3. From the drop down, select 1000. Let the page refresh.
  4. Check the "Select All Pages" checkbox.
  5. Press Search.
  6. The products will load into the SKU box field. 
  7. Press Search.
You can also choose to search by UPC or VendorSKU in bulk, by following the directions above. Just choose the correct search type from the "Search Using" dropdown underneath the multi-line texbox. 

Save an inventory search for future use by selecting Save Search from the action menu after selecting filters or after selecting and searching. 

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