Scan and Ship Overview

Scan and Ship is one way that ShipBridge offers shippers the ability to ensure that the correct merchandise is being shipped to the correct customer.

Scan and Ship does this by requiring the shipper to scan or type in the sku of each order item to verify that the items being packed are, in fact, part of the order. All relevant information pertaining to the order, such as the order number and accessories (ie. Giftwrap), is displayed on the left window pane throughout the Scan and Ship process.

Once the orders contents are verified the shipper is able to validate the destination address, select a shipping method, and add any delivery accessories (ie. delivery confirmation, signature required, etc.) and then print a shipping label and invoice.

Another option to ensure accurate delivery is to use Skustack, SellerCloud's app for warehouse management. One of the benefits to using Skustack is that is allows you to print out label first while still ensuring accuracy. Read more about Skustack here.

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