Dropship Configuration

Updated 1 year ago

Here's how to enable and configure dropshipping:

  1. Settings > Client Settings > Auto create PO when dropship requested. This will create a purchase order for the vendor upon requesting a dropship; this will not send the PO to the vendor.
  2. Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Shipping > DropShip < Requested, then Drop Ship = None. These options will prevent all dropshipped orders - both manual and pending - from being processed through ShipBridge.

You must create a template by which to communicate dropship requests to a vendor.

  1. Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Email Settings > Email Templates > Add New Template.
  2. Complete the email headings and enter your message in the email body. For titles that will change based on customer product, order, etc., choose the appropriate placeholders. The holders will pull the corresponding info from the order you are requesting a dropship.
  3. Save Template.
  4. To link the email template with the vendor, Company Settings > Company > Toolbox > Vendors.
  5. Click a vendor to establish a dropship and select Dropship Preferences.
  6. Choose the template from the Dropship Email Template drop-down.
  7. Select a PO Export Format. 
  8. You can enter a dropship fee to be added to the purchase order.
  9. Save Settings.

If applicable, you can send purchase orders automatically to vendors by setting up a scheduled task with the task type PO Export

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