eBay Account Integration Overview

Updated 10 months ago

Before listings can be posted onto eBay, a few setup steps are required.  The eBay Settings Wizard (Settings > Companies > Company > Start eBay Settings Wizard) can guide you through the following 8 steps: 

Use the "Click here" links at the bottom of each wizard topic for how-to instructions on each wizard setting.
  1. eBay API Token
  2. eBay General Setup 
  3. eBay Sales Tax
  4. eBay Shipping Price Template
  5. eBay Description Template
  6. eBay Listing Defaults
  7. Paypal API Settings
  8. Adding Products from eBay

Client should have an eBay Seller Manager Account, a free upgrade from eBay which, among other things, enables you to view/manage custom labels. To enable: My account > Subscription > Subscribe to eBay Seller Manager. 

Click here to configure the next wizard setting.

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