eBay Account Integration Overview

Updated 10 months ago

Several setup steps are required before listings can be posted on eBay. Go to your company's Toolbox > eBay Settings and proceed through the required steps: 

  1. eBay API Token (eBay Settings > General Settings)
Important! If you are using eBay's Managed Payments option, you MUST get an Open Auth Token in order to receive payments from eBay. If you do not get that "OAuth" token, your eBay orders will import as unpaid. For instructions, see Fetching API and Open Auth tokens from SellerCloud.
  1. eBay General Setup (eBay Settings > General Settings)
  2. eBay Sales Tax (eBay Settings > Sales Tax)
  3. eBay Shipping Price Template (eBay Settings > Shipping Price Template)
  4. eBay Description Template (eBay Settings > Description Template)
  5. eBay Listing Defaults (eBay Settings > eBay Listing Defaults)
  6. Paypal API Settings (eBay Settings > Paypal Settings)
  7. When done, Add Products from eBay

You should have an eBay Seller Manager Account, which is a free upgrade from eBay that enables you (among other things) to view and manage custom labels. To enable, click My account > Subscription > Subscribe to eBay Seller Manager

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