Kohl's EDI Account Integration

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Kohl's can be integrated with an EDI or XML document format transfers. While there is little difference in your SellerCloud account behavior regardless of which method you choose, it is important to choose the method of integration allowed by your Commerce Hub account. The instructions below are for an EDI integration. Read about the XML integration here.

What You Need to Integrate and Sell on Kohl's

  • Seller Account with Kohl's.
  • Commerce Hub Account.
  • Configure Kohl's Settings. 
  • Configure Kohl's Shipping Method Mapping.
  • Complete the CommerceHub EDI Test Environment.
Seller Account with Kohls - Kohl's purchases products through dedicated buyers, so you need to contact Kohl's to become an approved seller and establish a connection with a buyer. You would submit a catalog file to the buyer, who then decides what to purchase and negotiates a price. Similar to other fulfillment channels, you do not post items to Kohl's from SellerCloud. Rather, SellerCloud is utilized for inventory and order management. 

Commerce Hub Account - To integrate with Kohl's, you need to open an account with CommerceHub.com, the software used by Kohl's for document transmission. This integration transmits EDI documents via VAN or SFTP connections. 
You will be assigned a Partner Setup Specialist who will work with SellerCloud Support to integrate your account and get you live on Kohl's. Be sure to determine if you will be using an SFTP or VAN. 
Commerce Hub will ask you to provide a Customer ISA Qualifier and Customer ISA ID. See below for those values.

Integrate Kohl's with SellerCloud
  1. Navigate Company Settings > Kohls > General Settings.
  2. Open the action menu and select Enable EDI Integration.
  3. Complete the credential fields:
    1. Customer ISA Qualifier - ZZ
    2. Customer ISA ID - Arbitrary number. Typically the clients phone number is used.
    3. KohlsEDI ISA Qualifier - Provided by Commerce Hub
    4. KohlsEDI ISA ID - Provided by Commerce Hub
    5. KohlsEDI Seller ID -  Provided by Commerce Hub
    6. Supplier/Warehouse ID - Provided by Commerce Hub
    7. Enable Secure FTP (SSH) - Enable if using SFTP. Leave blank if using VAN.
    8. KohlsEDI FTP info - Provide by Commerce Hub
    9. FTP Port (default 990, 22 for SFTP, leave zero or blank for auto)
    10. Test FTP Credentials from action menu.
    11. Save.
    12. Enable the automatic control settings.
  4. Commerce Hub will create seven test orders for the test environment.
    1. Download the orders into SellerCloud.
    2. On Commerce Hub locate the packing slips on the home page and download the packing slips.
    3. Follow through with the instructions provided by Commerce Hub for each order. Please note: Orders should be shipped through SellerCloud. Any order involving cancellations should be managed through Commerce Hub, including partial cancellation orders.
    4. After completing the test environment, Commerce Hub will move the account to production. Switch the Kohls FTP Server path to the production URL.

If you need to map Warehouse Codes for this integration check this info on this page.

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