Managing UnbeatableSale Orders Overview

Updated 2 years ago

Automate UnbeatableSale Order Download and Tracking Upload

  1. Navigate to UnbeatableSale Settings. These settings are per-company based.
  2. Enable setting Enable Order Download. The order download fee runs approximately every 60 minutes.
  3. Enable setting Enable Order Fulfillment Upload. Tracking and Ship Date will automatically be sent to update the order status on Unbeatablesale in the next feed.

UnbeatableSale Invoices/Packing Slips

Because UnbeatableSales is the actual retail seller to the customer, they have special requirements for the content and format of the shipping label and invoice, most importantly - having their name printed and your company name unseen. When shipping orders originating at UnbeatableSales, SellerCloud will print out an invoice and shipping label that meets UnbeatableSales formatting requirements. 
If you have per-channel invoices enabled, read how to set up the packing slip here.

Cancel an UnbeatablSale Order

To cancel a Unbeatable Sale order, open the order and select Cancel Order from the Action Menu. Please note: The cancellation uploads to the FTP site in the tracking file, so it may take some time before the order is cancelled on UnbeatableSale.

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