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Updated 3 months ago

Please read first! For information on this function in Sellercloud's original interface, download this file.

Sellercloud offers a tool to help you list your products faster across different channels. This tool is set up on a company level. It runs on a scheduled basis to take all items enabled for a specific channel that have available inventory but are not already posted, and it tries to post them.

Accessing Product Publishing Setting

To use the automatic product publishing tool the service “AutomatedProductPublishingServices” needs to be turned on. You can contact Sellercloud Support to help you with this.

  1. Access Settings > Select a Company> Toolbox > Product Publishing Setting.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select the Channel. Fill in values for price, quantity, and other channel specific values.

    sellercloud product publishing setting window
  4. Check the Enable Auto-Publishing on Channel setting.

  5. If there is a product that is not listing you can view the errors on the Product Publishing Setting page. Click View Errors. Once these are corrected it will try to repost the SKU.

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