Delayed Tracking Send

Updated 8 months ago

By default, once an order is shipped tracking information will be uploaded to the channel periodically (provided that the fulfillment upload setting is enabled on the channels' general settings page). The upload feed typically occurs every hour.
However, some channels do not allow you to update the order until it has been picked up by the carrier. This is done to avoid confusion where the customer will click on the tracking link, only to see that it has not yet been picked up.
SellerCloud provides 3 options  for delaying the tracking upload: 
  1. Delay the time to send tracking to a channel to a set time. For example, if your orders will be picked up by the evening, you can set to delay the tracking upload until after 8pm.
  2. Delay tracking upload by a set number of hours. 
  3. Delay by a set time but set a condition that a minimum time must pass from the time of shipping in order to include an order in the tracking feed. This is useful for instances when you are still printing labels after your orders have been picked up. For example, lets say you set 8pm and minimum is 1 hour. Now you ship an item at 7:15 pm. The order will wait until the next day at 8pm to be included in the tracking upload feed.
Setting is a client wide per-channel.

Setting a Delayed Tracking

  1. Navigate Settings > Order Delayed Tracking Settings.
  2. Locate the desired channel.
    1. If setting a time, use the time picker or enter a time. Leave the Min Hours to Wait  column blank.
    2. If setting a number of hours delay, enter the hour figure in the Min Hours to Wait column. Leave the Delay Tracking Time column blank.
    3. If setting a minimum wait time as a condition, select a time and enter a minute value. For example, 60 (for 1 hour).
  3. Save.

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