Transshipping from FBA

Updated 1 month ago

By default, when shipping via FBA, the order will be shipped to the customers address.

However, selecting the Transshipment checkbox at the right of the row will change the ship to address to your company address. This can be particularly helpful when a customer orders an item that can't be shipped via FBA, like if it's an international order for an item that is not authorized for international shipping from FBA. Using the Transshipment option, the item will be shipped to your warehouse where you can ship it international via international shipping methods.

When in Transshipment, the order will be marked with a DropshipStatus = Processed, to prevent the order from shipping. However, will remain with an Unshipped status until the order is shipped from your warehouse. This way tracking will not be updated to the order source until the item has been shipped to the customer.

Once the items are received in the warehouse, set the order to DropshipStatus = None, to allow the order to go into ShipBridge for shipping.

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