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Updated 3 months ago

There are a series of general settings on this tab: 

  • Carrier info on top - Set a default carrier when no shipping method was set for an order. Typically, a company will have a standard shipping method for orders when the customer did not request a specific method.
  • Always use the default shipping services - Use the default shipping services set on this page, ignoring the shipping templates set on the orders in Sellercloud.
  • Always show all relevant services in the grid - Show the possible carriers that can be used for this order.
  • Use upper-case mode in customer information - Fix the customer names/address to start with uppercase and continue with lowercases in case they are entered in any other way.
  • Enable 'Shipped Tab' - Show a tab with shipped orders.
  • Notify of new/hidden orders - Show notification when new orders import.
  • Enable multi-package support - Allow shipping an order in multiple packages.
  • Requires login at startup - Normally, once you set your login details, we will not require you to log every time you start ShipBridge. This setting will require login credentials on every application start.
  • Only Load Orders from Specific Warehouse - This setting will let you choose a warehouse and ignore all orders from other warehouses.
  • Auto download new orders every (minutes) - Set to five minutes by default. Can be lowered to one minute.
  • Only update the shipping status of orders in the grid - Update the status for orders included in grid
  • Hide the customer note tab - Control if the customer notes tab is visible.
  • Show address validation PIN error - Check if the postal code is correct for the address.
  • Show Mark Order as 'Pending Address Correction' option - Allow orders to be marked when they need address correction.
  • Display item condition - Display the condition of the product (New, Refurbished, etc.).
  • When changing the customer service status of orders, ask user to enter a merchant note
  • Allow use of replacement SKUs for order items - Allow you to replace the SKU with a replacement one when needed
  • Use filter scrollbar when necessary - Leave enabled to show scroll when filters do not fit the filer area.
  • Save order download status
  • Colorize orders with Inventory Available Qty < (number) - By default, will color the orders that have products with negative inventory. Can be set to higher values and you can pick the color.
  • Copy Bill To Phone to Ship To where necessary
  • Automatically log off users if system is idle for (minutes) - This is a security option to log off the user if no actions were taken for the selected period of time.
  • Download orders on demand - Works when refreshing orders.
  • Stop blacklisted orders - Prevent blacklisted orders from importing into ShipBridge.
  • Fetch user-defined columns for products - Add product custom columns from Sellercloud for the product.
  • Fetch user-defined columns for order - Add the order custom columns from Sellercloud for the order.
  • Search for Order Source Order ID in the Order ID filter - Allow you to search by the channel order ID instead of the one used in Sellercloud.
  • Only load orders from specific warehouse - When enabled, you can select the warehouse. ShipBridge will only load orders that ship from that warehouse.
  • Filters should not affect previous grid selection - Changing the filters will not affect the grid selection unless you apply them.
  • Only load orders marked as OK To Ship - Will only load orders with this status. The status can be applied in Sellercloud automatically, manually, or by plugins.
  • Include Client User Documents
  • Include Client User Address book
  • Include Walmart Specific Order Data - Add channel-specific order data for Walmart.
  • Enable Diagnostic Trace
  • Do not download product metadata - Do not include metadata in the product information.

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