Configuring Refund Settings

Updated 2 years ago

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SellerCloud offers several options which can restrict specific users from issuing refunds, regardless of which channel the order originated.

Option #1 - Restrict a user entirely.

  1. Open the Employee tab and select that employee.
  2. Click on the Roles tab in the side menu.
  3. Move the role called Refund Handler to the Not A Member Of column by selecting it and clicking the Remove button.
  4. If this employee would attempt to refund an order, the refund process will not proceed.

Option #2  - Set a refund amount to limit even Refund Handlers.

  1. In the Client Settings, check the setting Limit Order Refund to _______ to limit a refund amount, and enter a maximum refund value.
  2. Save the setting. Now a Refund Handler can only issue small refunds, and any large amount will need to be issued by a Client Admin.

Option #3  - Allow a refund-restricted users  to initiate the refund request, but require that the refund be approved in order to be completed.

  1. Open the Client Settings and check the Enable Order Pending Actions option.
  2. When a restricted user refunds, or cancels an order, it will not actually process it immediately, but rather will generate a refund request which can only be accessed by employees who are not restricted, like a client admin or a refund handler.
  3. Refund requests can be managed from the Order Action Request page on the Order menu.
  4. Select an order and select an action from the menu, either to process the refund or to reject the request. When rejecting a request you will need to enter a reason on the following page before continuing on.

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