Unused Paypal Payments

Updated 2 years ago

Paypal transactions that are not linked to an order appear on the Unused Paypal Payments report. (Orders > Unused Paypal Payments).
This report is to insure that no payments are missed while the system tries to match Paypal transactions to eBay orders. If the transaction is unrelated to an order, it can be dismissed so that it won't show on the report anymore. Simply check the row and select Dismiss from the action menu. If the transaction is in fact related to an eBay order, it can be assigned to an unpaid order or the related order can be downloaded from eBay.

When first using this report there may be a number of Paypal transactions that are old and irrelevant. They can be filtered out by entering a date in the the client setting - Do not show Unused Paypal Payments before Date ___________.

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