Import Shadows

ShadowProducts can be imported in bulk using a template file ImportProductShadowsTemplate (Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Shadows). 
Columns are as follows:
  • ParentSKU - the main SKU of the product
  • ShadowSKU - the alternate SKU (eg: for another ASIN, or for a product from another company). Existing Product IDs in your catalog entered under this column will be linked to parents as shadow. Product IDs that do not exist in your catalog will be created and link to the defined parent as a shadow.
  • CompanyID - The Company the shadow is associated with.
Download the shadow template. Paste the fields to a Tab Delimited file. spreadsheet or CSV file. Paste product info and import file. You do not need to select the company associated with the shadow from the Company dropdown.

Click here to download: Import Product Shadows Template

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