Partially Received Shipments

Shipments that have been only partially received by Amazon can be seen on the Partially Received Shipments page under the FBA Shipment page.
Shipments may be only partially received for several reasons. The most common is that Amazon is still in the process of receiving the shipment.
However, sometimes an FBA shipment becomes “stuck” in the Partially Received state when items get lost or the shipment incorrectly stated more would be shipped than actually were. When this happens, there will be units that remain in the In-Transit warehouse in SellerCloud, because the system was told more were shipped, and it expects FBA to mark these units as received.
Use these action to clear out the intransit warehouse. 
From Inventory > FBA Inbound Shipments > Partially Received Shipments
  • Dismiss - removes it from the list
  • Clear In -Transit will zero out the inventory stuck in the In-Transit Warehouse
  • Transfer Un-Received will move the inventory back to the Ship From Warehouse on the shipment


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