Matrix Images

Updated 7 months ago

By default, the child variation images will be pulled from the dimension images set on the variation's image manager. (You can access the image manager from the Toolbox >N-Matrix> Image Manager.) That image will be sent to the channel to display when selecting the variation. 

Manually setting images

You can manually set any image for use instead of the default.

  1. Open the toolbox on the Matrix parent, click Matrix, then click Image Manager on the sub-menu.
  2. Next to each variation, you can either select any image already loaded on the variation, or select an image from a local file on your PC.

Bulk-updating images

You can also update variation images in bulk with a file upload.

  1. Navigate Inventory >  Import Product Info > Import Product N-matrix Images.
  2. Enter the image URL next to the defined matrix parent and dimension, and upload.

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