Schedule Fixed Price Listings

Updated 2 years ago

This feature allows you to Schedule a fixed price listing from a specific date and time. 
Inventory > Product > eBay Listing Manager. The fixed Price Option is at the top right. Complete values and options to your satisfaction, select a Start Date and Time, and click Post on eBay. You can verify a listing which won't post it but will let you know if it is ready to be posted, or you can save it and return later. Once the Item is successfully posted on eBay, it will receive an eBay Listing ID on the top left corner. Clicking on the ID will open the eBay page. (In the Image below, the listing has a temporary ID, which is assigned to the listing until it is posted.)  

Alternatively, select a eBay Ready Item on the Manage Inventory page and click Launch to eBay on the Action Menu.

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