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Feedback for eBay can be managed from SellerCloud both for leaving and receiving feedback. eBay feedback is important as both sellers and buyers get ranked based on positive feedback. Leaving positive feedback about the buyer may motivate the buyer to reciprocate with positive feedback about the seller. Being informed about negative feedback from the buyer enables sellers to address that situation accordingly.

Leaving Feedback on eBay Orders about the Customer

Feedback can be automatically generated for eBay orders. (This is generated by the eBayOrderService)
  1. Enable client setting Enable eBay automatic feedback.
  2. On the eBay Setting page locate the Feedback Message text field.
  3. Enter a message and save.
  4. When the order comes in, the feedback message will immediately be sent and left on the order.
  5. The feedback emails are being sent based on the ShipDate. Feedback emails will not be sent for orders that are not shipped yet. 

Receiving Customer Feedback

Feedback that the customer has left on the order can be brought in to SellerCloud. 
  1. This is retrieved by the eBayFeedbackService, so make sure the service is running on the server.
  2. Feedback can be viewed in the eBay Feedback panel at the bottom of the order page. The visibility of this panel can be controlled by the client setting Hide Feedback Panel on Order Details Page.
  3. Feedback can also be viewed in the order noted panel when the Show System Generated Noted is enabled on the order.
  4. In the Manage Orders grid there is a feedback icon (talk bubble) that is colored when feedback has been received and grayed out when there is no feedback. This display is controlled under Settings > Order Display Settings. 
Learn how to auto generate feedback request emails here.  

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