Shipping Overview

Updated 10 months ago

SellerCloud uses its own powerful shipping software application, ShipBridge, to manage all shipping tasks. These include retrieving a tracking number, automatically sending it to the sales channel for the customer's reference, and allowing the sale to proceed. 

ShipBridge integrates with all carriers, as well as Endicia ELS and DAZzle for postage and label printing.

In ShipBridge, shipping rates can be calculated based on carrier, service, and packaging method, and SellerCloud will import that information back into the Order Detail.

Orders can also be marked as shipped through SellerCloud by selecting Ship Items from the Action Menu. However, you would need to manually enter the tracking number and shipping confirmation, and shipping labels must be printed externally.

If you choose the shipping carrier and the service while taking the order, you have the option of locking them in to ensure your shipping department does not change it in ShipBridge: Check the Lock Shipping Method box to enable this feature. (You can also return to any order to perform this action by selecting Lock Shipping Method from the Action Menu to enable this option.)

See the various shipping statuses
Learn how to set shipping preferences at the product level.

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