Returns & Refunds Reports Overview

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The Returns & Refunds Reports comprise the Returns Dashboard and five Returns reports.

To access these reports in SellerCloud, click Reports > Returns & Refunds Reports.

Returns Dashboard

The Returns Dashboard displays data about the order return rate. You can filter by date range, company, and channel. These filter options control the display on all of the Dashboard's sections.

  • Graph Chart (top left) - Shows the percentage of shipped orders vs. returned orders, per day, over your specified date range. The total numbers of Shipped and Returned orders appear above the chart. 

  • Pie Chart (top right) - Shows the total percentage of shipped orders vs. returned orders over a specified date range.

  • Top Returned Products (bottom right) - Shows the top 5 returned products over a specified date range. 
    • Click on View More to open a page with all of the returned products in your date range that you can export to Excel. Show me.
Returns are based on the day the warehouse received the return (the receiving day), not on the order ship date.  

Returns reports

You can run five different Returns reports:

  • Refund Summary - Summarizes the refund totals per company.
  • Refunds Details - Details the refunds per order.
  • New Report! Returns Details - Details the returns for orders from all channels.
  • For FBA returns only: These two reports reconcile an order item's refund to a return or a reimbursement:
    • Returns & Reimbursement Summary (FBA) - Summarizes refund totals by company.
    • Returns & Reimbursement Details (FBA) - Details the refund totals per individual order.
For answers to general questions about using SellerCloud's Financial Reporting Suite, see the Reports FAQs.

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