Reminder To Vendor Email Template

Updated 2 years ago

Sometimes, a vendor may not drop ship an order on time. You can configure SellerCloud to automatically generate an email to the vendor as a reminder to fill the open order. The email generation is a per vendor configuration where you can set different times and different email templates for each vendor.

Configuring Email Reminders for Drop Shipped Orders

  1. Enable Client Setting Enable email reminders for Dropship Orders.
  2. Set client setting DropShip Status for Order to Send Reminder to the dropship status at which an email can be set. Typically, this should be set to "Requested" or "Acknowledged".
  3. Configure the time to send email per vendor
  4. Create an email template. See sample below.
  5. Navigate Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Vendor > select a vendor >  Dropship Preferences.
  6. Enable setting Enable Reminder emails for Dropship Orders.
  7. Enter an amount into the "Send reminder in Days" field.
  8. Select an email template.
  9. Press Save. (SMTP Settings must be configured.)
  10. The email will be sent to the vendor email address on the vendor settings page.

Sample Template

Dear #?VendorName?#
Purchase Order Number #?PurchaseOrderID?# has not yet been dropshipped.

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