Cancelling an Order

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The process of canceling an order that was paid for but not yet shipped can vary based on where the order originated. (Read here on refunding orders
Once an order is cancelled, it will be prevented from going into ShipBridge for shipping. Even if the order is already on your ShipBridge grid, the order status will be checked automatically and will be prevented from shipping.
On most marketplaces, customers can initiate a cancellation request; they can not cancel an order by themselves. The process of how the buyer contacts the seller differs in each channel.

  • For orders originating at a local site, such as website , phone, or email order, simply select Set to Cancel from the action menu and click GO. Follow prompts. Refund Payment if necessary.
  • Orders originating at Amazon, Rakuten (, Sears or Newegg can only be canceled before they have been marked as Ship Confirmed. Select Cancel Order on the action menu of the Order Detail page. That will take you to a page where you can confirm the cancellation and notify Amazon,, Sears or Newgg. A cancellation reason is required.
    • If the order has already been Ship Confirmed on Amazon,, Sears or Newegg, you will need to issue a Refund.
    • Buyer Cancellations - Amazon buyers can initiate a cancellation request; they can not cancel an order by themselves. The cancellation request will be viewable on Seller Central. You will have up to 2 days to respond. After 2 days the buyer may contact Amazon directly for a resolution. As noted above, the order should be canceled in SellerCloud.
      • With Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, the buyer contacts Amazon directly for all customer service related issues.
  • For orders originating at eBay, open the order detail page and select Cancel Order on eBay from the Action Menu. Press Go. On the following page, select a cancellation reason. Press Continue. eBay will refund the customer and all transactions fees.
  • Canceling an OverStock order will result in penalties from OverStock. At times however, OverStock will request you to cancel the order without having it marked as short shipped. (In OverStock lingo, Short Ship means not shipping.) 
    Set the order's status to On Hold, as this will prevent the shipping but won't cancel the order. It's a good idea to make a note of why it's on hold
If a customer wants to cancel part of an order, click Edit Order and revise the quantity. If the customer wants to cancel one item in a multi-item order, revise the quantity for that item to zero.

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