Cloning a Product

Updated 11 months ago

Cloning a product creates a new item that is identical but separate from the original item. 

Cloning can save you time and labor when creating similar products, because product information is copied over to the cloned product, and only some changes need to be made. 

A similar, but separate, action can copy information to existing SKUs

However, a cloned product is not the same as a shadow. Whereas a shadow product's inventory is tied to that of the parent, a cloned product has no association with the original product. 

N-Matrices (variations) cannot be cloned.

Several Client Settings configure which product information will be cloned:

  • Enable images copy on Shadow product clone
  • Do not copy Product Specifics when cloning product
  • Clone N-Matrix configuration when cloning a Product with N-Matrix
  • Enable images copy on product clone (simple)
  • Enable UPC copy on product clone (simple)
  • Enable Title copy on product clone (simple)
  • Keep channel active status on Shadow clone
  • Copy kit properties on product clone.

To clone a product:

  1. Open the Manage Inventory page.
  2.  Select the product you want to clone. 
  3. Open the Action Menu and click Clone SKU.
  4. Enter the new SKU on the next page. 

The history of the item will log the SKU as a clone and from which SKU this new item was cloned. 

Cloning an item will not copy certain key information, such as inventory, cost, and price. This is to ensure that those values have been updated correctly before being posted to a channel.

Import clones in bulk

Clones can be created in bulk through a file import. Some attributes can be modified in the file. See headers below.

Navigate Inventory > Import Product Info> Import Clone Products. Download the template, populate and import. 

Column headers are:

  • ProductID- existing SKU that you would like to clone
  • ClonedProductID- the desired SKU of the newly created clone
  • CompanyID- numerical ID of the company the clone should be created into
  • FulfilledBy- entering Amazon will set clone as FBA, entering Merchant will set clone as FBM
  • CopyUPC- if you want to copy from existing item to clone put True, or else blank
  • CopyASIN- if you want to copy from existing item to clone put True, or else blank

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