eBay Shipping Price Template

Updated 11 months ago

Check out this short tutorial on eBay Shipping Price Templates!

If you have opted in to eBay Business Policies, you should manage your shipping options by downloading your policies and assigning the Shipping Policy to products. This is mandatory for sellers who have opted into the Business Policies feature.

eBay has domestic and international shipping options that you can save in SellerCloud as a template to apply to listings. You manage your shipping price templates from Settings > Company Settings > Company Name > eBay > Shipping Price Template

  1. Create or edit a Shipping Template.
  2. Select Flat Rate or Calculated Shipping - eBay lets you set flat rate shipping prices or calculated shipping rates based on the product's weight and destination. SellerCloud can automatically pull in the shipping weight of the product and add it to the shipping price details.
  3. Select shipping service. You can select a specific service, like UPS Ground, or a general service, like expedited shipping or one-day shipping. Calculated rates can only be configured when selecting a specific service.
  4. Enter the following values:
    1. Cost - Shipping Cost
    2. Insurance - when buyer adds insurance
    3. Handling - Cost for handling
    4. Additional Items - shipping cost for each additional item being shipped.
    5. Surcharge for AK/HI/PR/ - This option is only available when the shipping method selected is from UPS or FedEx. If you ship with any other carrier and you want to apply a surcharge, try using the Shipping Rate Table option as explained below.
  5. Repeat for international shipping.
  6. Select countries where the buyer must contact you for shipping cost.
  7. Select countries you want to exclude from shipping. This is usually done for security against fraud.
  8. Later, during individual product setup at eBay properties, you will choose a shipping price template for each product.
  9. When editing and assigning new shipping prices, you can update all of your listings by selecting the template from Settings > Company Settings > Company Name > eBay > Shipping Price Template and do the action Update Products

There is also an option to exclude countries from shipping for a specific product at eBay Properties. Check Enable Buyer Restrictions and select Have primary address in countries I don't ship to.

If this is a company-wide setting, set that on eBay in My eBay > Site Preferences > Shipping Preferences > Exclude shipping locations.

You can also set a default for all listings on eBay at Settings > Company Settings > Company Name > eBay > eBay Posting Attribute Defaults. You might set one shipping price template for large products and another for small products. Another shipping price template could be created for free shipping products. Some companies adjust the shipping price based on the value of the product.

eBay Shipping Rate Table

While there is a surcharge you can add for AK/HI/PR/ this option is only available when the shipping method selected is from UPS or FedEx, and only as a surcharge. If you want to set specific shipping prices to any location configure the shipping rate table in your eBay account, and then enable the option Use Shipping Rate Table on the eBay properties page.

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