Listing a Variation to Newegg

Updated 2 years ago

Newegg manages variation in a group based mode. This means that unlike eBay, where the Matrix parent alone is the listing, Newegg links listings together to allow the customer to select the appropriate variation. Because the matrix children need to be actually listed on Newegg both the matrix parent and children need to be ready and enabled for Newegg. However, launching the parent to Newegg will include the children in the launch, and the variation listing will be created on Newegg.
  1. On its Newegg properties page, ready the matrix parent for Newegg.
  2. On their Newegg Properties pages, ready the children for Newegg.
  3. After selecting a category on each child, a "Configure Attributes" link will display. Press it.
  4. In the Matrix Items section, map the children to the correct Newegg variation dimensions. Save the product.
  5. Post the matrix parent to Newegg from the Properties page or in bulk from the Manage Inventory page. All the children in the matrix will post to Newegg.

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