Add New Employee

Updated 2 years ago

  1. Under the Employees tab, press Add New Employee.
  2. Populate the fields. 
    1. The user email is the primary identifier of the employee and it is used as a login name.
    2. Set a first-time password that the user can change once logged in.
    3. Тhe company you choose from the Company dropdown will set a default on the employee. When the employee creates a product, order or PO, it will default o the company selected here.
  3. Save the employee.   
  4. On the following page check the Account Activated checkbox and save. Now the employee will be able to login with the email and password. While the password does not display on the page, it is still active.
  5. Open the Companies tab to allow (default) or restrict the employee from certain companies.
  6. Use the Security, Roles, and Web Access tab to configure permissions and restrictions.

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