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SellerCloud integrates with Kmart using a VAN (value added network) to transmit EDI documents.

Configuring Kmart settings

  1. Contact SellerCloud Support to request a VAN; its liaison credentials are required for several settings below.
  2. Click your company's Toolbox > Kmart Settings.

  3. Complete the fields using the values in the table below for reference.
  4. When done, click Save Settings.
  5. To ensure your credentials are correct, click Action Menu > Test FTP credentials > Go.
  6. After successful testing, enable the automatic upload settings at the bottom of this page > Save Settings.



Customer ISA Qualifier

You can enter something unique, or use ZZ.

Customer ISA ID

Enter a customer Kmart ID that you create. For example, your company telephone number.

KMart ISA Qualifier

From Kmart.


From Kmart.

KMart Seller ID

From Kmart.

Supplier/Warehouse ID

Typically, this is the zip code of the warehouse.

KMart FTP Server

From the VAN credentials.

KMart FTP User Name

From the VAN credentials.

KMart FTP Password

From the VAN credentials.

Login Email

From Kmart.

Login Password 

From Kmart.

Safety Qty

This helps reduce the risk of overselling by subtracting a number of units from the available quantity

Default Qty

When an item is set as replenishable, the value set here can be used as a default quantity for Kmart.

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