Amazon Orders Overview

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Automate Amazon Order Download and Tracking Upload
Navigate to Amazon Settings page. These settings are per-company based 
Enable setting Allow Order Download. Orders download approximately every 30 minutes.
Enable setting Allow Fulfillment Upload. Tracking and Ship Date will be automatically sent to update the order status on Amazon in the next feed which runs approximately every 30 minutes.

Cancelling an Amazon Order
Orders can only be canceled before it has been marked as Ship Confirmed. Once an order is cancelled, it will be prevented from going into ShipBridge for shipping. Even if the order is already on your ShipBridge grid, the order status will be checked automatically and will be prevented from shipping.
  1. Select Cancel Order on the action menu of the Order Detail page. 
  2. That will take you to a page where you can confirm the cancellation and notify Amazon. A cancellation reason is required. 
  3. Client setting Allow to zero out inventory when cancelling Amazon order will zero out the inventory of the item when the cancel reason "No Stock" is selected. 
Please Note: Do not cancel the order through Seller Central. The cancellation status in Amazon will not be reflected in SellerCloud (as there is no report to pull from Amazon to update order status).

Buyer Cancellations
Amazon buyers can initiate a cancellation request; they can not cancel an order by themselves. The cancellation request will be viewable on Seller Central. You will have up to 2 days to respond. After 2 days the buyer may contact Amazon directly for a resolution. As noted above, the order should be canceled in SellerCloud.
If the order gets cancelled and/or refunded by Amazon, the order will update in SellerCloud when the Amazon Settlement for that order comes in. 
With Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, the buyer contacts Amazon directly for all customer service related issues.

Refunding an Amazon Orders
If the item is being returned, you should create an RMA. Refunds can be issued from the RMA. Read more here.
  1. Order detail page > Action Menu > Issue Refund. Press Go.
  2. That action will take you to a page where you can confirm the amount being refunded. Line item refunds and partial refunds are allowed.
  3. Select a Refund reason.
  4. SellerCloud submits this refund information via Amazon's API and also adjusts the payment status of the order.
  5. After the refund has been processed, Amazon will refund the commission. This information will be updated in SellerCloud at the time the settlement report with that information is downloaded.

Amazon Order Types
In addition to regular Amazon orders, there are several order subtypes from Amazon.
  1. Prime Orders
  2. Business Orders
  3. Business Orders Prime - Combination of Business orders offered with Prime Shipping.
  4. Second_Day - Orders where 2nd Day shipping is selected.
Orders can be filtered using the Order Subtype filter on the Manage Orders Advanced Search tab.

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