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Updated 4 months ago

This topic explains a product's required Reverb listing properties in SellerCloud's Delta interface. For instructions in the original interface, download this file.

Reverb requires the completion of the following properties before a product is ready for listing (the other properties are not mandatory):

Product's Reverb tool tab showing required properties for a listing
  1. Enable the product for the Reverb channel.
  2. Listing ID - Auto-populates when you successfully list the product for the first time.
  3. Set the price for Reverb (or use the default price).
  4. Set the Merchant SKU (if blank, the ProductID used in SellerCloud will be sent).
  5. You can set a specific Title for the Reverb listing (if blank, the Product Name will be sent as the title). 
  6. Select the product's Default Category and Condition.
  7. If the product is Handmade, mark it as such.
  8. UPC - Set this on the product's General (Home) tab.

The listing does not get instantly created on Reverb since they need some time to process it. To ensure your product is posted with no issues:

  1. Check the response document from Reverb.
  2. Click the company's Toolbox > Reverb > Documents, select Document Type: PostProduct > Search 
  3. Check the Error column. 

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