Custom Columns for Orders

Updated 11 months ago

Custom fields can be created to add and manage information about orders that are not standard SellerCloud order attributes. For example, a custom column called ORDER_VERIFIED can be created to populate with values of "YES/NO". 
A default value can be added to the columns. 

Create Custom Columns for Orders

Client setting Enable Custom Columns for Order must be enabled.
These columns can be added by the System Administrator or SellerCloud Support. Contact SellerCloud Support with your desired column and the column format type as available below. 

Note to Support: Once the column is created, it needs to be enabled for the client before it will be visi

Each column is defined as a specific data type:
  • String - String is the most common, since it can handle any sort of text. 
  • Integer - Will only accept a numerical value
  • Decimal - accepts decimal values
  • DateTime - provides a calendar for date selection
  • Boolean - adds a checkbox to mark value as True/False.
You will be able to populate the custom columns when first creating the order, or when editing the order. The custom column will display on the order detail page.

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