Reports Overview

Updated 6 months ago

SellerCloud's Financial Reporting Suite is a powerful feature with a rich source of data for you to effectively analyze your business performance.  The wealth of robust reports offer an easy way to track sales, profit and loss, orders, inventory, and so much more.  

  • Most Report categories have a visual dashboard with bar graphs and pie charts. These offer sub-dashboards so you can focus on a specific aspect. 
  • Each category has a variety of reports with custom filters to show data in SellerCloud's grid format.  Note: Fulfillment and Fill Rate are dashboard-only reports. 
  • You can export any grid report to a spreadsheet for detailed data analysis by clicking the grid's Export to Excel icon. Export reports often include more data not shown on the grid. This format provides the flexibility to manipulate your data, such as filtering within a column, sorting with advanced parameters - even show graphs and charts; for example, visualize daily sales trends for a selected date range!
  • SellerCloud reports show orders for which the ship date is in your chosen date range; that is, only orders that shipped in your date range. Exception: The Orders reports are based on order date; these reports show orders that are both unshipped and shipped.

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