Update Inventory and Price on Houzz

Updated 2 years ago

Product inventory and price can be updated automatically using the Houzz Inventory and Price product export. The products are uploaded to an FTP supplied by Houzz through a configured scheduled task.
  1. Create a saved search that includes products you want to update inventory and price to Houzz.
  2. Create a scheduled task for product exports. Select the Houzz product export plugin and select the saved search created for Houzz.
  3. Enter the Houzz FTP information.
  4. Inventory update file should be named: “inventory_vendorname” in .csv format.
  5. Enable the task and save. The task will pick up the products in the saved search and update their inventory and price to Houzz. 
  6. If product is a matrix child, adds the matrix parent to the export as well with qty of 0.
  7. To include the lead time to ship in the inventory feed  create custom columns: LEADTIMEMIN and LEADTIMEMAX and populate.

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