Sell on Cymax

Updated 2 years ago

Cymax is a site that sells home and office furniture. SellerCloud can integrate with Cymax using scheduled tasks and specific plugins.

Required Custom Company Settings (the values for those will be provided by Cymax):

  • CymaxSellerISAID
  • CymaxISAID
  • CymaxISAControlNumber
  • CymaxSTControlNumber
  • CymaxGSControlNumber 

Required Order Custom Columns:

  • CymaxWayBillNumber - Here we save the freight shipment number. Required for the order plugins.


  1. Inventory Export (EDI 846) - Sends the available quantity to Cymax.  
  2. Order Import (EDI 850) - Imports orders from Cymax. The orders are set to Unpaid, Wholesale. The user is set to
  3. Invoice Export (EDI 810) -  Shipping Info is set to the orders shipping address.  The billing address is hardcoded to Cymax's Accounts Payable.  Marks the order as invoice sent to OrderSource.
  4. Tracking Export (EDI 856) - Exports order with tracking. Includes items per package and tracking per package.

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